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Trade in Services B.V exists to bring progress and possibility to companies growth.

Trade in Services BV drives business forward by tackling its biggest challenges, bringing real progress and possibility to every part of the organization. Safely delivering people where they need to go.

We powering the management and offering more precise strategy solutions to impulse the existing businesses.

Our people are global, diverse and dedicated, operating with the highest integrity and passion to fulfill Trade in Services B.V. mission and deliver for our clients.

Trade in Services B.V. delivers Cloud Computing, Secure Data solutions with Google Cloud and BlackBerry Workspaces. Archivum.Cloud offers your organization the most secure solutions for document-, archive-, and storage management. Started in 2009 with setting up a digital archive, nowadays we make every organization mobile via the digital highway with our information- and communication technology.

Trade in Services B.V.  has a partnership with Post NL, Marley Spoon and its subcontractor de Logistieker to lift-up the logistics operation to the desired standard. In this project we take part of the daily tasks to make deliveries efficient and sustainable. De Logistieker has also been using our cloud computing solution with since January 2020.  A completely new website has been set up for this purpose and the office automation has been adjusted to ensure that the information flow runs efficiently and safely. In addition, they use our platform to outsource employer issues, such as the remuneration and recruitment and selection of new staff.

Employability - TradeinServices.Careers

Trade in Services B.V.  his supervisor has crossed borders worldwide when doing business. We participate in various projects to promote internships throughout Europe. We have a package of solutions to provide future employees with extensive knowledge and skills.  At Trade in Services B.V. we keep our organization moving by following our core beliefs: We act, We learn, We get better. We help every individual achieve a goal. This is possible via our platform, and for highly motivated employees.

Empowerment - TradeinServices.Works

Trade in Services B.V. target to reach out a helping hand, especially to those who experience more difficulties to acces the labour market by the "regular" route. With Payrollmen we offer exclusive work placements to the appointed target group in their process of becoming stronger and more confident via training and work-placements. On the other hand, we make being an employer at ease by taking employer's responsibilities of clients via Payrollment.