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Today, Trade in Services LLC additionally leads concepts, from data management to logistics services based on data analytics.

We are a commercial organization who creates business by being innovative, making the difference and enjoying it.


We are certainly not a investment organization in any kind of way, neither trading in stock exchanges or risk capital.

We see a opportunity, sign up a deal with a cooperative partner and start making profit from day one. And each penny earned will find its way back into the organization.

GC-Partner - Kloeys Cloud Computing, a T
Trade in Services B.V.,,,

Trade in Services LLC is not typically doing startups, as it may seem to. Although we strive on innovation, we only run projects based on a solid foundation. 


Our cooperative partners are solid organizations who have already earn their stripes. When we start a project, we don't bring in any capital. Our know-how and expertise considered as a high value itself and huge impulse to reach the estimated goal.

At Trade in Services LLC we love to do business and making profit of it, but not without following our ethics and moral principles. Acting in an ethical way involves distinguishing between “right” and “wrong” and then making the “right” choice.

Our ethical principles are the heart and soul of our business culture and can mean the difference between success and failure, for our organization, as well as for each individual within....

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